The main activities in COME IN are:

Stocktaking and needs analysis: In the stocktaking phase best practices in terms of integrating refugees into the workplace are identified and support and training needs will be derived.

Development of the curriculum: The COME IN Curriculum defines learning and training contents, learning objectives and a catalogue of aspired learning outcomes for key staff in enterprises and organisations. on integration at the workplace.

Development of the COME IN training: In the COME IN Training Pack suitable materials, instruments, didactic patterns and transferrable approaches on work-based learning on the topic of integration at the workplace will be developed.

Setting up the open learning space: The COME IN Open Learning Space is a state of the art learning platform combining open source e-portfolio, learning management system and validation system (based on an existing learning technology). All contents will be implemented here, aiming to create and maintain a constantly growing pool of COME IN learning resources

Establishing the validation system: The COME IN Validation System is designed based on the LEVEL5 approach which has been developed and applied in more than 150 informal and non-formal learning projects since 2007.