Alem is originally from Faryab (north of Afghanistan) and came to Austria in 2014. He speaks 5 languages and had been working as an English teacher and interpreter Afghanistan. In Austria he gathered professional experience by doing an apprenticeship in the field of refugee care and by working again as an interpreter for the Diakonie. In 2017, he started to work for the Austrian railways in the integration sector. Alem also volunteered as an ambassador for the Xchange project for the Austrian Red Cross. What he learned from his previous experience and his participation in the COME IN project is that only by learning the German language and socialising with the people, the integration into the labour market in Austria can be successful.



Ajub comes from Afghanistan and lives in Austria now. In Afghanistan he had been working as a plumber and as a mechanic, in Austria he participated in the voluntary integration year. Due to the very good impression he had left, he obtained a job at the Red Cross in the Austrian province Tyrol. At the beginning, he faced difficulties with learning the German language, especially with the dialect that spoken in Tyrol. What he experiences during his work and his participation in the COME IN project is that for the successful integration in the Austrian labour market, an essential factor is to be always on time and to work very neatly.